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New big fill for Malmsbury

Malmsbury brigade recently took possession of a new big fill vehicle.

The $150,000 70s series Landcruiser with engine and pump fitted was acquired through the state government's VESEP program.

The vehicle complements the brigade's 3.4D tanker and also adds to the Kyneton Group's operational capability.

Captain Chris Gray says, "We ultimately want to also get a second tanker in our brigade, however we were in a position to be successful in getting a big fill now which not only adds to our brigade's capability but that of the Kyneton Group. Kyneton Group doesn't have a big fill so it helps out all round.

"I would also like to thank the communities of Malmsbury, Drummond and Lauriston who helped fundraise. District 2 and Diane from CFA VESEP were also great in assisting with the VESEP process and giving us updates on the delivery process."

The brigade is busy training members before the vehicle becomes operational this fire season. The vehicle can fill two 3,000-litre tankers in less than two minutes and can suck water from dams and pools and also draw water from hydrants. It can also be used to fight fires where there is mains water on a reticulated supply.

Last Updated: 23 September 2013