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New CO on board

By: Joe Buffone

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  3.43 PM 16 November, 2015

Location: General

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As of Friday 13 November, I have formally taken on the role of Chief Officer, and the responsibility of the role is not lost on me.

I would like to take this opportunity to say how privileged and excited I am to return to CFA as Chief Officer and to provide the leadership and support so that, with you, CFA can deliver its services and perform to its highest potential.

I will be working very closely with CEO Lucinda Nolan over the next few months to understand the priorities that will support service delivery to make Victoria safer and build on CFA’s strengths for the future.

The focus will also be on working with our emergency management partners to strengthen our role as a trusted and critical stakeholder and reinforce the shared vision of 'We work as one'.

I look forward to getting out to regions, districts and brigades to meet you and understand your views, concerns, challenges and hear first-hand your feedback on what’s important and will make a difference to CFA in the short and medium term.  

Sustaining our volunteer capacity is top of mind. As you will understand I also need to focus on strategic matters and broader service delivery priorities to ensure CFA remains contemporary and delivers the best possible service to the community.

I want to emphasise that the safety and wellbeing of all CFA volunteers and career personnel remains our highest priority.

My immediate attention is on the summer season ahead. All the indicators continue to point to a tough summer and therefore our planning and readiness with our key partners is critical, as is the preparedness of the community. With a warm week ahead, with several days of high fire risk, I reinforce the Chief Officer's Summer Intent 2015-16:

  • Be familiar with and work to the State Control Priorities
  • Take care of yourselves and of each other
  • Protect Life and property with determination
  • Demonstrate active leadership in the community
  • Work as one
  • Be ready 

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Last Updated: 03 February 2016