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New digital scanner selected

By: CFA Media

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  5.22 PM 5 August, 2015

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A new digital scanner has been selected to replace existing listening sets at CFA brigades, with an order now placed with the supplier. 

The Uniden UBCD436HP-ES digital scanner was selected after an exhaustive 18-month selection process.

The scanner was subjected to a thorough technical testing process before samples of the scanner were provided to VFBV representatives across the state for field trials.

After considerable consultation between the CFA Evaluation Team and the VFBV representatives, the Uniden scanner was evaluated as being the superior product offered during the tender process.

CFA has signed a contract with Preston-based Pacific Telecommunications - the Australian distributer for Uniden scanners. Uniden is gearing up for production, and delivery is planned for the end of October 2015.

CFA understands the selection process for the new digital scanners has led to frustration among some CFA members. The rigorous selection process has revealed that the selected digital scanner is the best product currently available and has features that will enable it to be used with future developments in CFA’s radios including transition to P25 Phase 2.

The new digital scanner will be delivered pre-programmed with the current CFA/DELWP radio channel plan. These scanners are capable of receiving analogue and digital radio traffic and meet all of CFA’s technical requirements for a digital scanner.

CFA is working with VFBV to determine a process for equitable distribution of the scanners across all CFA brigades, along with implementing a subsidy to lessen the financial impact.  Further details of the distribution and subsidy will be provided when they are finalised.

Last Updated: 05 August 2015