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Medium tankers for Heywood Group

By: Sharon Mifsud

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  1.30 PM 22 May, 2013

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Tyrendarra, Myamyn, Heathmere and Condah Brigades recently received their new medium tankers after completing an all-day  “train the trainer” session at Heywood.

Seventeen firefighters including Group Officer Darren Hoggan undertook the training conducted by Instructors Wayne Nagorcka  and Mark Gunning so that the Brigades can be trained by these people over the next month or so. During this transition period the brigades will commission both the new and old tankers until they are confident enough to hand over.  

The new tankers are supplied through an ongoing “Truck Replacement Program” and cost approximately $330,000 per tanker. They replace tankers that are up to 25 years old.

The medium tanker has 2350 litres of water on board, “A” class foam system, pre-connected suction hose, electric priming, crew protection system and a high pressure, low flow pump as well as the 900 litre per minute fire pump. A feature of the new Tankers is the electrically operated monitor on the front which is controlled by a joystick from the cabin. It delivers a very effective water stream for bush and grass fires as well as structure fires for exposure protection or quick knockdown. The amount of water delivered through the front mounted monitor can be adjusted so that the tank supply is not emptied too quickly when used in areas of poor water supply.

It is 4 wheel drive which is new to the Brigades and will require further training in the future. The Brigades are very keen to get started on the training so that the new Tankers can be commissioned as soon as possible.

Last Updated: 22 May 2013