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New Member ID system launched and roll out commenced

By: Michael Bourne

  11.00 AM 11 October, 2011

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The new Member ID system was launched by the Deputy Premier and CEO on Friday 7 October 2011 - - and is now being progressively rolled out through all districts, commencing in the west of the State.

The Member ID project has been established as part of the Bushfire Preparedness Program to address Recommendation 19 of the VBRC Final Report, that: "The Country Fire Authority provide to all CFA volunteers an identification card or similar to facilitate their passage through roadblocks established in accordance with the 2009 Guidelines for the Operation of Traffic Management Points during Wildfires".

The project objective is to provide CFA members with access to a practical form of personal photo ID that is consistent across the State to facilitate access through Traffic Management Points (TMPs).

The first five of the six project stages are now complete -

1. Review current ID practices and related technologies
2. Develop solution options and an implementation plan
3. Select a preferred solution from tender responses
4. Pilot test the preferred solution, review the results and amend the processes
5. Review the TMP guidelines
6. Roll-out distribution of personal IDs

Over 1100 members have applied for an ID card during the pilot testing. The rollout stage (Stage 6) commenced on 4 October, and is expected to be completed during October and November 2011.

ID card design

The new ID card is the same size as a credit card so that it can easily fit in a wallet or purse. Lanyards and card holders will also be available for members who need to keep their ID visible in business or community settings. The new design is depicted below:



The white area is where the member's photo image is to be printed in colour. The "black CFA" on the upper right of the card is to show where a watermark is to be embedded inside the base card during manufacture. This watermark is not usually visible, and would be visible as a shadow when bright light (such as torchlight) is shone through the card. Other security features are included in the design.

The personalisation data appears in black on the lower portion of the card.

Expiry dates are:

o 3 years from date of authorisation for members in the outer metropolitan districts - Districts 7, 14, 13 and 8
o 5 years from date of authorisation for members in the other districts
o 6 months for probationers


The rollout commenced on 4 October and is planned to be completed during October and November. Region and District visits are being conducted to prepare for the progressive rollout of the new Member ID system in four phases, to implement the new system across four broad zones: from west, to central, to north east, and then to south east.

This progressive rollout approach is preferred to:

o provide members in the western and north-western districts more likely to be affected by fire early in the season the first opportunity to apply for a new ID card
o to spread the impact on the project team's capacity to induct and train local members to support the image gathering, application and approval stages, and to respond to questions as these arise
o while the project team continues to develop the network of local support members at brigade, group, district and region level.

The Project Team is meeting with the Regional Management Teams in each region to demonstrate the new system and discuss the local level support to be available as the system is opened for applications by local members.

Keep safe and well

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