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New messages on-hold for CFA phone system

By: CFA Partnerships and Marketing

Category: Community Safety

  11.23 AM 4 February, 2016

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A new messages on-hold will be loaded on to the CFA phone system network on Friday 5 February by ICT Services at HQ.

The new Messages on-hold feature uses the CFA phone system as a channel to deliver key messages focusing on community safety and awareness to customers on hold.

There are three messages on-hold audio files that will be played throughout the year and will change depending on the seasonal requirements of each district.

The key messages focus on:

  1. Summer preparedness including information sources available, preparing your family and property before summer and knowing your risks.
  2. Summer including information sources available, leaving early is the safest option, preparing your family and property, knowing your risks and understanding the warning signs.
  3. Home fire safety including information about smoke alarms, cleaning, testing and changing the battery, home fire escape plans and preventable house fires.

The script and timing of delivery has been prepared according to agreed industry key messages and approved by CFA’s Community Development Team and managers of Community Safety.

Thank you for everyone’s valuable input.

Last Updated: 05 February 2016