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New Operations Manager for District 9

  • Operations Manager Simon Bloink with District 9 staff

By: Danika DENT

Category: People

  3.56 PM 11 July, 2017

Location: District 9 News, CFA HQ News

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Simon Bloink is District 9’s new Operations Manager.

Simon was selected to fill the position made vacant by our previous Operations Manager Mark Jones’ decision to start his transition to retirement.

Simon began his career with CFA as a junior at Valencia Creek in 1977.

He joined as a recruit firefighter in 1989 and worked at Frankston, Boronia and Dandenong.

As an Operations Officer he served across the Region, in District 13, 14, 11 and D9.

Simon joined District 9 in 2006 and has served as Operations Officer across the district, most recently focusing on working with the Strzelecki Group of Fire Brigades.

OM Bloink said he was happy and excited to be selected to lead a district which has such an exemplary reputation in CFA.

“I am honoured to not only be a part of District 9, but now also to help lead it,” he said.

“District 9 has worked hard to develop its good reputation and when we all – staff, volunteers, brigades and Groups, strive to maintain that through continual improvement, we all work together to protect lives and property.”

Last Updated: 12 July 2017