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New recruit course starts today

  • Recruits graduating at CFA Fiskville June 2014

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  11.42 AM 16 June, 2014

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Today is the first day of a four month course for 25 new career firefighter recruits.

The recruits have progressed through a competitive selection process.
A pool of more than 1000 people applied, with shortlisted applicants going through several rounds of interviews, physical challenges, reflex and cognitive testing.
All going well, in 16 weeks the 25 successful recruits will be graduating and starting a trainee placement at a CFA fire station, joining the more than 680 career firefighters protecting lives and property in Victoria. 
Five of the group of 25 join CFA from Tasmania, New South Wales and the Northern Territory, and five have a CFA volunteer background. While a number of the new recruits come from a trades background, also in the mix are a teacher, psychiatric nurse, fitness instructor, engineer, health & safety advisor and an ESTA (Triple Zero) call taker.
The first task for the recruits is to get kitted out with the gear they’ll be wearing Monday to Friday for the duration of the course. Week one is all about familiarisation, from there the recruits will face regular testing covering both theory and practice.
On 1 June,  the recruits attended an orientation day along with around 60 family members and partners. These family days, which have been running since 2007, are an important way for recruits and their families to get a sense of what CFA and the course is all about and what will be expected of them.


Last Updated: 19 June 2014