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New recruit course

  • Career firefighter recruits from a 2012 course at their graduation

By: Sonia Maclean

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  1.44 PM 19 August, 2013

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This week 25 new career firefighter recruits, who've progressed through an exhaustive selection process, begin 16 weeks of training at the State Training College at Fiskville.

A pool of more than 500 applicants was whittled down to reach the final group, who underwent several rounds of interviews and physical and cognitive testing to reach this point.

All going well, in four months the recruits will be graduating and starting a placement at one of CFA’s more than 30 integrated fire stations.

Three of the group of 25 are coming to CFA from other parts of Australia – one from the Northern Territory, one from Queensland and one from Tasmania.  Eight come from a CFA volunteer background.

According to Recruit Administration staff member Julie Wilson, the first thing the recruits will do is get kitted out with the gear they’ll be wearing Monday to Friday for the duration of the course.

“Most arrive with little more than the clothes they’re wearing,” she said. 

“The first week is all about familiarisation and easing into it, but from there they will face regular testing – both in the first six weeks that are classroom based and then when they get out doing practical stuff.

“As part of the process to get here, they will have done interviews, a beep test, physical challenge tests including strength and agility. Their mechanical reasoning, balance, eyesight and reflexes are all tested as well.

“To even get here they really have to want it, and I’ve known people who have made four or five attempts in the past.

“It’s a long road for the recruits now. What they’ve already done to get here is quite major, but it’s only the start,” said Julie.

This course is the second and final career recruit course of 2013, and is fully funded by CFA’s Project 2016.

The graduation ceremony set for 6 December.

Pictured below: 2012 recruits at their graduation

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Last Updated: 20 August 2013