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New Red Hill Big Fill

By: David Breadmore

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  12.52 PM 8 February, 2014

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Red Hill Fire Brigade

New Big Fill unit/ Multi-Purpose Appliance 

The Red Hill Fire brigade has welcomed the newest brigade-owned and built acquisition to its fleet, the new Red Hill Big Fill unit which replaces the brigade owned F250 Big Fill.

First discussed and conceived by 1st Lt Sam Norris the project of developing the muiti-purpose appliance as been 2 years in the making.

This purpose-built fully brigade and local community funded appliance houses the brigades independent moveable big fill pump, which has serviced the brigade’s needs for over 10 years, with  some exciting new additions.

Following on a local area user needs analysis and gap analysis workshops conducted by the brigade members, it was established that a small versatile unit was required which would enable the brigade to access difficult and tight winding local tracks, bushland and grassland areas.

The new Big Fill unit which in addition to its big fill requirement, provides six wheel fully diff-lockable capabilities,  an 800lts water tank and separate pump (capable of delivering 900 lt per min) , delivery and suction capabilities and essential  fire ground tools.

To support crew welfare the Big Fill also carries catering supplies, generator, lighting and has been fitted with a brigade designed crew protection system.

The Big Fill unit came into service with the brigade on the 27 January 2014.

The Captain of Red Hill Fire Brigade Darrel Setter said today, “It is with much pride that we are in a position to have this new appliance as part of the Red Hill fleet, this unit which was designed by the members of the Red Hill brigade, and developed with particular assistance from David Wilson and by Muitidrive Technologies in Geelong who have done a outstanding job ! Every part of this vehicle was designed from scratch by Multidrive and the brigade to meet the demands required to provide service delivery to our community.”

 Captain Setter added, The community of Red Hill also played a major role is assisting the Brigade with the funds required  to undertake this project and they should be rightly proud of their achievements” 

Last Updated: 08 February 2014