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New training tools, programs and products

By: Sharon Mifsud

Category: Operational Information, Training & Recruitment

  1.06 PM 27 April, 2015

Location: District 4 News

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A range of new training related materials have recently been released by CFA.  Development of these materials has been driven by volunteers to support volunteerism, in line with recommendations from the ‘Jones Inquiry into the Effect of Arrangements made by the CFA on its Volunteers’.

An explanation of these materials will be covered at a series of upcoming Group-based briefings, during which packs of materials will be distributed and discussed.  In District 4, these briefings will be provided by Dale Harker, who has been engaged as a casual Project Support Officer to assist with implementation. Most brigades and groups may know Dale through previous and current CFA involvement.

Target audience for the Briefings are as follows:

  •          Groups – Group Officers, Group Training Officers, other interested DGO’s or Group personnel.
  •          Brigades – Brigade Captains, Brigade Training Officers, other interested BMT members or Brigade personnel (option also exists for Brigade-based Briefings upon request).

The new materials include:

  • “What’s New” brochure
  • “Who can Train and      Assess?” poster and DVD
  • Brigade Operations      Skills Profile (BOSP) Reports User Guide
  • Operational Roles and      Pathways Map poster
  • Brigade Roles Map poster
  • New DVD products

Letters are on their way to every volnteer brigade and group explaining these briefings. The briefings may be able to be combined with upcoming brigade and group meetings which are currently being planned.


Last Updated: 04 May 2015