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CFA member loses home to fire

  • Crews battle Newlyn house fire.
  • Crews battle Newlyn house fire.

By: Peter Collocott

Category: Incidents - Structure

  2.38 PM 21 April, 2015

Location: District 15 News

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A house belonging to a member of Newlyn Dean fire brigade was totally destroyed by fire on Sunday 12 April.

Newlyn Dean brigade turned out within minutes with both trucks, but by the time they arrived on scene the house was fully alight. Units from Creswick, Daylesford, Smeaton, Kingston and the BA unit from Ballarat plus the LPG unit from Sebatapol also attended. Pumpiing from two hydrants, the crews battled for over an hour in an attempt to save the house and to protect neighbouring dwellings.

Local residents kicked in the front door to ensure the owner was not inside but, unfortunately, this action helped to ensure the destruction of the house. Despite the best efforts of the crews, the timber house was totally lost. The remaining chimney and structure was pushed over by an excavator after the fire was finally extinguished. The CFA member was not at home and returned to find his house gone. He has been placed in emergency accommodation.

Last Updated: 21 April 2015