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Newspaper Models Are Changing


  11.00 AM 27 May, 2009

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Thought I would share this with people. It's an important read for anyone interested in news, which is pretty much everyone using CFA Connect, and even more important if you're involved with media and journalism.

The 7:30 Report - 26/05/2009

"The age of free online newspaper content is over, and news is considering variations on the paid online subscription version of the 'Wall Street Journal'. "
-Rupert Murdoch, Chairman / Chief Executive, News Corp.

"In order to get people to pay for something, you have to offer a better service. And that's what we are focusing on: how do we take what we do now, make it better and package it and make it available in such a way that people say, "You know what, I would pay for that." "
-Campbell Reid, Group Editorial Director, News Limited

"All newspapers should be able to charge for internet copyright."
-Theo Dikeos, Reporter

"The internet is a marvellous tool, and clearly it is the information delivery system of our future. But thus far, it does not deliver much for its generation of reporting. Instead it leeches that reporting from mainstream news publications. In short, the parasite is slowly killing the host."
-David Simon, Screenwriter

So what do you think? Is the Internet the future of newspapers? Are these 'fears' premature? Would you pay an online newspaper for access to better news? Or would you seek out free or specialty news services - such as CFA Connect - for your news? Can you even compare the models?
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