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Newstead brigade's Good Friday

By: Duncan Russell

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  9.45 AM 9 May, 2014

Location: District 2 News

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On Good Friday, Newstead brigade travelled around the local community and raised $1,885 for the Royal Children's Hospital. To mark the occasion, brigade member Christopher Simmins wrote this poem.

By Christopher Simmins

It's on the Upper Loddon, where the tracks are sometimes trodden,

that we come across a small bush fire brigade.

Most members are not new, but their feats are strong and true,

for they're out to help all folk, who are in strife.

Whether fire, flood or fracture, it doesn’t seem to matter

what job they’re under taking, day or night.

And while others watch and spout, they prove to be no slouch,

because spectator ain't in their surname.

And yes their language can be blue, and a drink is nothing new,

For they're out to make good someone’s awful mess.

And in times when trouble's high, some might only raise a sigh.

As for others' words might come out later, with a tear.

Cos in some emergencies, there ain't no guarantees,

some things are just outside our human reach.

But enough of this drab talk, it's time we did some walk,

the fireys and their helpers move on to another cause.

It's Easter time again and they search like yellow wrens,

the hunt is on for a note and coin bounty.

You see the Children’s Hospital in need, as they all mount their steeds

to pace the district streets of old Newstead.

Then it's off to Welshman’s Reef, Strangways and Joyce’s Creek,

a stop at Muckleford, Sandon, Green Gully along the way.

Cairn Curran kids come out, and their tins begin to pout,

the donors receive a treat for their salvation.

This sortie has been fun, for this collection years now run,

and the troops have finally rallied back at fire station.

The billy’s on the boil while the captain’s still in toil,

cooking up Bull Boars for mass consumption.

Sweet Pavlova and trifle grub, nicely fills their tums.

For some it gives a look of painful indignation.

Crews now fat and fully rested, a return next year, suggested,

that pills for indigestion be on our way.

Newstead brigade has joyfully sallied, while our proud old community, she rallied.

It's all to do with much-needed help elsewhere.

When the treasure was finally tallied, and the gift was eventually married,

It's when we all decided to come back again next year.

Last Updated: 09 May 2014