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Newstead collects on Good Friday

  • Photo by Doug Richardson

By: Leith Hillard

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  10.00 AM 8 April, 2013

Location: District 2 News

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I was out collecting with the Newstead Fire Brigade for the 2013 Royal Children’s Hospital Good Friday Appeal. A young woman holding a child on her hip clutched my arm, stuffing notes in the collection tin as she relayed her agonising story. Her other infant son would not be coming home from hospital,

Despite the miracle of modern day medicine, some things just can’t be fixed.

Story by Christopher Simmins

A tear rolled down my cheek as my own loss immediately resurfaced and I shared her pain and grief.

Our first son James would have been 36 years old this year. He spent a good portion of his short life at the Royal Children’s Hospital, and my wife Cheryl and I have never forgotten the ‘Children’s’ as a sanctuary of expertise and hope.

This was Newstead Fire Brigade’s third consecutive Good Friday fundraiser for the Royal Children’s Hospital with brigade members and friends working the rural roads and streets of Newstead in search of donations from the local community

As the money was being counted back at the fire station, the aroma of tasty bull boar sausages filled the air as the brigade captain cooked lunch for the hard working collectors.

The brigade raised $2038 from the generous Newstead community. Well done.

Collectors and helpers on the day were John Alexander, Ron Archer, Rob Gardner, Riley Farthing, Jason McGrath, Anne Perkins, Tracey Stuart, Cheryl Simmins, Lisa Simmins, Cameron Simmins, Kayla Simmins, Peter Morter, Doug Richardson and Gary Wigley.

Last Updated: 08 April 2013