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Obama and CFA - Social Media to engage

By: William Thompson

  11.00 AM 16 September, 2009

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Thanks to the Public Affairs team for organising a fantastic presentation from the Sputnik Agency.  It reviewwed the Obama social media campaign and looked for options for CFA in preparing a social media campaign on fire awareness.

The strength of the Obama campaign was its ability to:

  1. Create ownership 
  2. Build strong bond giving control to the people
  3. Remain relevant to drive engagement, and finally
  4. To be authentic to build trust among the people.

It allowed peole to engage by telling their own stories being part of the collective.

I am sure that we at CFA can use some of the Obama tools to assist Victorian prepare for the fire season.

It would be great if the presentation was available on Connect for those who missed it.



Will T  

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