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Observation Sharing Centre, Planned Burning in the Wimmera, 2014 Police and Fire Games, new research centre

By: Euan Ferguson

  11.00 AM 20 December, 2013

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Observation Sharing Centre
The Observation Sharing Centre has been developed by the CFA to complement our debriefing and learning processes. This is a web based application that can be accessed by all agencies staff and volunteers. The centre allows for the sharing of Observations, Initiatives or Lessons.
Observations can now be captured and logged throughout the season, instead of waiting until the end of the season for formal reviews/debriefs and may be made on behalf of a Brigade/Crew/Team/District or individual. The observation may be positive, negative or unexpected experience and may be based on Operational or Non-Operational activities. Initiatives and Lessons can also be shared to ensure CFA are learning from best practice around the State and driving continuous improvement into the future. Your lesson could be a success, a way of doing things safer, more efficiently, a close call....or anything others could learn from. Access to the Observation Sharing Centre is via the FIRS Call Centre (ph.1800 628 844), Brigades Online/CFA Intranet or via the following link:

Integrated Planned Burning in the Wimmera
A meeting between DEPI, Parks and CFA in relation to integrated planned burning in the Wimmera District was held in August. The first burn was successfully completed at Mount Sturgeon just north west of the Dunkeld township on 17-18 of November. Given Dunkeld is in a high risk area and the proximity of the bush to the township, the burn was important on more than one level. The burn covered both private property and public land with approximately 470ha involved. The exercise received very positive feedback from the participants for building both skills and multi-agency relationships highlighting the co-operation between agencies from planning through to the fireground. A great result! Well done to all involved.

2014 Police and Fire Games
The Melbourne 2014 Games will be held between 18-24 April, 2014 incorporating 50+ sports and 3,000+ competitors utilising many of the best available sporting venues. All employees, registered volunteers and retired personnel from eligible police and emergency service agencies from throughout Australasia are eligible to compete. A full schedule of events is set out at the Games website at The Games have a long and proud history with their foundations in Victoria back in 1984. The Games are conducted every 2 years in a different State of Australia or in New Zealand. I encourage you to have a look at what's on offer. As the slogan suggests - ‘Live the Games'.

New national Bushfire and Natural Hazards Cooperative Research Centre begins
A new $130 million Cooperative Research Centre (CRC) will draw together all of Australia's fire and emergency service authorities with the nation's leading experts across a range of scientific fields to explore the causes, consequences and mitigation of natural disasters. The establishment of the Bushfire and Natural Hazards CRC acknowledges ongoing impacts of natural hazards upon communities, emergency service providers, governments, agriculture and other industries. Importantly, most of the new research will not be hazard specific but cross‐disciplinary. The three broad priority area are:

  • economics, policy and decision making - allocating resources for greatest benefit;
  • resilient people infrastructure and institutions; and
  • bushfire and natural hazard risks - improving communications, warning and predictions through more accurate forecasting and modelling.
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