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OM's Update - June 2015

  • District 2 NEM Ceremony
  • District 2 NEM Ceremony
  • District 2 NEM Ceremony
  • District 2 NEM Ceremony
  • District 2 NEM Ceremony
  • District 2 NEM Ceremony
  • District 2 NEM Ceremony

This month:

  • District Training Plan
  • District Vehicle and Equipment Plan
  • District Planning Committee (DPC) elections
  • Brigade Classification
  • District 2 National Emergency Medal Presentation

District Training Plan

A recent analysis of the district training process has identified the need to re-scope and develop a holistic training plan to ensure we continue to build our capability to support our communities. The training plan will look at our current status, the position we as a district envisage we will need to be in within the next five years, and the means by which we will achieve our goals.

The concept of a holistic training plan has evolved as a result of member feedback identifying that a different approach to training is required to ensure we are progressively addressing training gaps and building greater capacity to deliver training. Consideration will be given to prioritising training for skills that are in high demand, in addition to enhancing our capacity to deliver training. The DPC training sub-committee has been tasked with supporting the development of this body of work, with the scope of providing guidance for the development of the 2016 training calendar.

For feedback or input into the District Training Plan please contact your Group DPC training sub-committee delegate.

District Vehicle and Equipment Plan

As with the training plan, the DPC operations sub-committee will be assisting with the development of a district vehicle and equipment plan. Previous planning relating to vehicles was completed in the form of a district vehicle typology document. The typology provides oversight of our current vehicle fleet in addition to the desired configuration of replacement vehicles however does not provide guidance for consideration when planning additions and changes to the fleet.

The district vehicle and equipment plan will take into consideration our future capability requirements based on risk, providing guidance at state level for planning and budgetary needs, in addition to aligning local investments for additional equipment against community risk and service delivery.

District Planning Committee (DPC) Elections

The DPC membership comprises the ten District Group Officers in addition to the NWR functional managers, and a representative from the VFBV District 2 council. Six key leadership positions within the DPC are elected annually from the District Group Officers to Chair the DPC and associated sub-committees.  

At the recent District 2 DPC annual general meeting, elections were held for these leadership positions. I would like to thank Mt Macedon Group Officer Ian Hay who finishes his tenure as DPC chair on June 30. Ian played an instrumental role in the formation of the new District 2 after district boundary realignment process in 2010, uniting parts of districts 2, 12, 14, and 15. More recently Ian has led the DPC through the recent changes in our governing constitution setting the platform for the district to adapt to changes in CFA and the emergency management sector, enabling us to more effectively support our communities. Ian will remain a valuable member of the DPC, supporting incoming DPC Chair Newstead Group Officer Shane Scoble.

Elected positions were as follows;

  • DPC Chair – Newstead Group Officer Shane Scoble
  • Operations sub-committee Chair – Kyneton Group Officer John Pearce
  • Finance & Business Planning sub-committee Chair – Goldfields Group Officer Robert Ipsen
  • Training sub-committeeChair – Maldon Group Officer Sean McCubbin
  • Community safety sub-committee Chair – Mt Macedon Group Officer Ian Hay
  • DPC Secretary – Kyneton Group Secretary Linda Borg (new position pending formalisation by an amendment of the DPC constitution at the next meeting).

I would like to thank departing DPC member, Mt Macedon group representative DGO Marcus Bootle, for his commitment, support and leadership. I would also like to thank and acknowledge Romsey Group Officer David Allen who has chosen not to seek re-election, however will continue as a DPC representative in his role as the NWR Manager Community Safety. David’s departure has provided opportunity for Romsey Group Officer (elect) Ralph Herman to join the DPC team. Ralph brings many years of leadership experience from both within and outside of CFA. Welcome Ralph.

Brigade Classification

Recent correspondence was sent to each brigade outlining changes to CFA brigade classifications, based on community risk profiles. We have to date identified a number of anomalies in regards to brigade classifications, and seek your local knowledge to help inform any changes. As brigade classification will be used to support future capability planning, it is critical that it accurately aligns to community risk profiles. Brigade classifications are determined by a number of inputs, all of which require validation with local knowledge to ensure CFA is positioned to best support our local communities.

If you have identified an anomaly in regard to your brigade classification please contact your catchment team in the first instance to discuss the process to have it accurately reflect your community risk profile. Thank you for your support with this important project.

District 2 National Emergency Medal Presentation

I had the honour of attending the District 2 National Emergency Medal presentation at the Kyneton Town Hall, which saw the presentation of awards to 65 District 2 members in recognition of their tireless contribution to the Victorian community during the fires of 2009.

The awards were presented by Mary-Anne Thomas MLA (Macedon Ranges) representing the Minister for Emergency Services Jane Garrett, supported by CFA Chief Officer Euan Fergusson. In addition to a large representation of family and friends the award ceremony was also attended by CFA Chief Executive Officer Michael Wooten, and NWR Assistant Chief Officer Mike Wassing.

On behalf of District 2 and its communities, I thank and acknowledge all the members who deservedly received this prestigious award for their continual support to CFA and the Victorian community.     

Steve Smith, District 2 Operations Manager

Last Updated: 18 June 2015