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OM takes on the Tour de Cure

  • Allan at Seaspray
  • Allan climbing around Bells Beach at the 2017 Cadel ride
  • 2017 Cadel ride
  • Allan out in front - 2017 Cadel ride
  • Tour de Cure circuit
  • Allan on the bike

If there's one thing CFA members excel in other than fighting fires, it’s pulling together to help the community and Allan Rankin is about to demonstrate this perfectly.

On Friday, 24 March, CFA District 10 Operations Manager Allan Rankin is set to embark on a nine day, 1270km challenge riding his bike from Mount Hotham to Hobart as part of the 2017 Tour de Cure.

“Last year was a tough year  for my district, and I suspect many other districts; sadly, we lost a number of people to cancer, whilst some others began treatment to try and beat it,” said Allan.

“I want to do something positive to send a message that the loss and the fight to beat it being experienced by too many families and communities is felt by many who care and who have the will and ability to try and make a difference to find a cure for cancer.

“I’m no cancer researcher, but I can ride a bike and if that is something I can do to help create awareness, show support and raise funds to make a difference, how could I say no to that.”

Allan, who has been riding bikes since primary school, said he has always wanted to have a crack at the Tour, which is now in its 11th year, and this year it felt more fitting than ever.

“I’m currently riding 350-400km a week in preparation. I’ve been taking to the roads whenever I get the chance - before work, after work and on the weekend,” he said.

“I know it will be a tough nine days but it is nothing compared to the challenges cancer patients and their families face every day.”

As well as visiting the scenic East Coast of Tasmania, the Tour winds its way through many towns, and districts, in CFA’s South East Region which Allan said would be a highlight.

“We will be riding through the region and district, I’m proud to be part of sharing positive messages with local communities and making significant donations to local cancer support programs at each of the overnight stop locations, including Lakes Entrance, Sale, Traralgon and Inverloch. I suspect it will be quite an emotional experience,” he said.

“Cancer may be a horrible and insidious thing, but we are resilient and we won’t let it break us. 

This ride is my way of saying to our CFA family and the wider community, we care and that together with determination and fundraising, we can and will beat it.

“Charity events like this speak in volumes and while my part may only be small, together we have the potential to make a big difference and contribution to finding a cure for cancer.

“Many small donations from many CFA members will make a huge difference.” 

To donate to Allan’s ride, click here.

Last Updated: 23 March 2017