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Omeo Fire Brigade: "be prepared this summer"

By: Sian Jepson

Category: Community Safety

  2.38 PM 5 April, 2017

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Being in a popular tourist destination and transit route, Omeo Fire Brigade faces the challenge of keeping fire safety at the forefront of tourists' and locals' minds during the high-risk fire period.

Omeo is the central hub for tourists who travel through East Gippsland to north-east Victoria, as well as those who choose to stay in the area to enjoy the region’s many outdoor pursuits.

With the Alpine National Park just to the north-west of the town, it is popular with visitors in both winter and summer. The park has a very high fire risk and has been impacted by fire. The last major fire in the area was in 2003.

Captain of Omeo Fire Brigade Graham Symons said that to help raise public awareness and fire preparedness for the 2016-17 fire season, the brigade negotiated with the local Omeo Foodworks Supermarket to use its front window to present the 'fire ready' concept to the wider community and visitors to the area.

“The supermarket is a highly visible site and is frequented by both tourists and locals,” Graham said.  

“The display reinforces the Fire Danger Ratings, bushfire/grassfire risk and the response required in the event of a threat, and advice about a person's hydration needs.”

Project Coordinator of the Summer Fire Safety Initiative says this is a great example of a low cost, highly visible and recurrent community engagement program.

“The display is easily accessible and allows constant message reinforcement, reiteration and repetition, supporting concepts that Omeo brigade members have been communicating to their community for many years.” Sian Jepson said.

The shop display will stay in place until the end of the Fire Danger Period and the brigade is already working on ensuring it will have another display next summer.

For more information about the Summer Fire Safety Inititaitves click here.

Last Updated: 05 April 2017