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On-line Summer Debrief

By: Sharon Mifsud

Category: Operational Information, Planning & Research

  1.08 PM 27 April, 2015

Location: District 4 News

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You are invited to contribute to the 2014/2015 summer debrief process via an on-line link.

The survey, once completed and analysed will provide us with some detailed reports that will drive our continuous improvement initiatives.

The survey is aimed at various levels including

  • Fire-ground
  • District support
  • IMT
  • EMT
  • Region

The survey will take you to the relevant section of the debrief once you define your role on the front page. For example, if you select crew member it will take you to the fire-ground section. You will be able to go back and complete the various sections by selecting another role, at which time you will be taken to the relevant section.

It is intended to keep the survey open until Friday 22nd May 2015. After that survey analysis and reporting will occur.

Last Updated: 29 April 2015