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One CFA – One email signature

By: CFA Partnerships and Marketing

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  2.23 PM 13 February, 2013

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Email communication is arguably one of CFA’s most frequently used communication tools. 

Did you know – that last year CFA sent over 1.1 million emails - and that’s just to people outside of our organisation. While in comparison, we received over 3.1 million emails. Wow!

Following the release of the Template Toolkit late last year, which includes a full selection of branded templates, we have now created an email signature for all CFA members to use.

The new email signature template has links to CFA’s website, Twitter and Facebook pages, making them easier for people to access and stay informed.

If you send CFA emails using various devices, you will however need to set up your new signature on each unit, for example from an iPad/iPhone, Webmail (for employees) or your Live@CFA (for volunteers) email.

To download the CFA email signature instructions for each of your devices, follow the below CFA Online (Intranet / Brigades Online) link.  

You will be prompted to login. After you login click on the “Email signatures” option within the “On this page” section.

It’s important that all members use this email signature so CFA can present a professional, standardised and personalised approach for all email contact with our communities and stakeholders.

If you have any questions please contact Nancy Thompson from my team on 9262 8314.

Best regards,

Mark Sullivan
Executive Director
CFA Communities & Communication

Last Updated: 13 February 2013