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One demo down, one to go

  • From_left_to_right_Ash_Kinross_Greg_Kinross_and_Carolyn_Bishop_selling_programs._Lots_of_work_went_into_this_document.
  • Fire_Safety_shows_and_live_music_featured_on_the_stage_set_up_by_CFA._Beeper_and_Captain_Koala_woked_up_some_sweat_
  • The_CFA_also_brought_down_a_wide_range_of_new_vehicles_and_training_props._These_should_also_be_at_the_State_Urban_Seniors.
  • Wearing_many_hats._Brigade_Member_David_Carter_is_also_a_member_of_the_Triton_Woodwork_Club_and_he_was_instrumental_in_the_group_making_the_station_trophies._Here_David_on_behalf_of_the_Triton_Club_presents_trophies.
  • These_feet_whose_owners_shall_remain_nameless_show_the_wear_and_tear_of_a_hard_day_helping_out_as_part_of_the_local_committee
  • Brigade_and_Organising_Committee_Chairman_Mal_Bishop_and_Committee_Deputy_Chairman_Mick_Corbett_show_the_plaque_pesented_to_Warrnambool_by_the_VFBV.
  • Three_generations_of_the_Pressey_familty_in_Fire_Brigade._Mortlake_Brigade_s_Bill_Presssey_flanked_by_daughter_Carolyn_Bishop_on_the_left_and_Granddaughter_Kara_Bishop_on_the_right_helping_out_in_the_local_Commttee_s_Office.
  • Pumper_vs._Bus..who_will_win_
  • Action_on_the_track_with_the_Brigade_s_150th_Anniversary_banner_in_the_background.
  • Warrnambool_Brigade_also_had_a_team_in_the_Championships._Here_the_Under_17_boys_line_up_at_the_start_of_the_two_man_marshall.

By: David Ferguson

Category: Events / Fundraising / Offers, Youth & Juniors

  1.01 PM 25 February, 2013

Location: District 5 News

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The 2013 Junior State Championships in Warrnambool has just finished, and already thoughts are turning to the Senior Urban to be held in the same town in two weeks time.

Warrnambool Brigade, VFBV and the DMOs have little time to rest after hosting a very successful Junior State Championships.  The town turned on its best weather for the two day event, with temperatures in the 30s and little to no wind (locals very worried - no wind for two days!).  Competitors took the opportunity to work up a sweat and then wash it off in the southern ocean, a perfect way to recover.  Officials also looked to recover as track conditions were very warm for judging and marshalling.  The local committee had lots of refreshments and water on hand to ensure that any lost fluids were replenished.

Nearly all teams made it to the event, including the team from Esperance Western Australia who had a great adventure.  Several teams coming from the north west of the state had to make detours due to the Henty Highway between Horsham and Cavendish being closed because of the Grampians fire.

As with any event there was lots going on in the background of what looked like smooth sailing.  The Warnambool Staff and Volunteers have been maintaining a steady supply of support into the Grampians Fire.  Members on Saturday were involved in a strike team and working in the District 5 DECC, along with supplying a Ground Observer team.  They also had several calls during the weekend locally, including three during the end of event BBQ at the station.  Lightning on the Friday night also upset the electrical setup, sending Warrnambool First Leiutenant Wayne Rooke into action with his role of power supply coordinator.

The Brigade and the town is now ready to welcome the teams the Senior State on March 9th, 10th and 11th.  Locals are hoping that the warm weather continues, especially for the torchlight on the Saturday night.



Last Updated: 25 February 2013