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Online training launched

By: Lex De Man

  11.00 AM 10 February, 2012

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At the Foster fire station in South Gippsland today, we launched a set of new and innovative ‘online' programs and other products that's going to make the delivery and maintenance of CFA training a lot more accessible from now on.

The training initiatives include:

• Skills Maintenance Drills Folder - This provides a series of drills that will assist brigades plan and conduct training relevant to their community risk profile.
• WebTRAIN - A web-based program to record and maintain members' training online.
• Training Materials Online - Current endorsed training materials online.
• Emergency Services Off-Road Driving DVD - Joint emergency services DVD providing practical advice on how to deal with a range of routine hazards for driving in adverse conditions.

These new initiatives we've developed I'd point out have occurred with significant input from our volunteers.

Importantly these training aids will assist brigades to access the latest learning materials, simplify the delivery of skills maintenance training, as well as the recording of that training through the use of the online system.

This suite of new initiatives includes a program which provides each member with the opportunity to access current endorsed training materials online.

As part of the WebTRAIN system, members' training can be conveniently, accurately and efficiently recorded, assisting brigades to monitor the maintenance of members' skills.

And by the way it's important to note that these new on line products are not about replacing any practical training - it is simply another means to which we can offer additional and accessible training to our members.
Rollout of WebTRAIN and the Skills Maintenance Drills Folder across all CFA Regions will be completed by 30 June this year.

The new online training initiatives and products reflect the outcomes of recommendations from the Jones Inquiry which investigated the effect of arrangements of CFA volunteers. The Inquiry gave a voice to volunteers and it provided valuable recommendations for the future of the organisation.

CFA relies on the skills of our volunteers and paid staff, which is why it is vital the organisation is continually building on and improving the way it delivers and provides training to members. And that then ensures we're delivering a highly skilled and professional service to the Victorian community.

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