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Opening of Mildura Fire Station

By: Leith Hillard

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  11.46 PM 25 October, 2012

Location: District 18 News

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The wail of the bagpipes and report of marching feet heralded the formal opening ceremony of the Mildura Fire Station and District 18 Office on Saturday 20 October 2012.

In keeping with tradition, the Mildura Fire Brigade marched into the new fire station on San Mateo Avenue led by the Mildura Pipe Band which has shared a bond with the brigade across generations. This march symbolises the fire brigade once again resuming vigil over Mildura and surrounding communities, ever watchful against the threat of fire and other emergencies.

Story by Adam Young

Over one hundred guests, members and their families came together to celebrate a significant historical milestone not only for the brigade but also for the provincial rural city of Mildura. The $5.3 million dollar state-of-the-art facility, which covers an expanse of 4500 square metres, constructed by more than 100 local tradespeople dominates the landscape.

Mildura Fire Brigade staff and volunteers were inspected by Acting Deputy Chief Officer Alan Ellis and Peter Crisp, Member for Mildura, before all assembled were asked to join in the formal proceedings.

Mildura Fire Station was officially opened by Peter Crisp supported by Mildura Rural City Council Mayor John Arnold, Operations Officer and Mildura Officer in Charge Ron Shiner and 1st Lieutenant Peter Bishop.

A thought expressed on the day was that Mildura Fire Brigade in many ways emulates the City of Mildura: the isolation has brought about a necessary independence and resilience and yet both the brigade and the city are so very rich in culture and diversity.

In solidifying the essence of service to CFA and the community, CFA service medals were then presented to members of the brigade by CFA Board member Paul Denham. National medals and clasps were then presented to Operations Officer Ron Shiner and Senior Station Officer Malcolm Hayes.

Following an ecumenical blessing of the fire station and assembled firefighters by CFA Chaplin Reverend Keith Nicholas, guests, members and their families toured the facilities and shared afternoon tea.

The event was a very special occasion not only in presenting the new fire station and district office to the community of Mildura, but also celebrating the service, diversity and comradeship of the members of the Mildura Fire Brigade.

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