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Our Own Citizen of the Year

  • Donna with Hercules

By: Irene Keating

Category: Honours & Awards

  9.45 AM 2 February, 2015

Location: District 15 News

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As part of Australia Day celebrations, one of our own, Greendale Fire Brigade 3rd Lieutenant, Donna Zabinskas, has been named 2015 Citizen of the Year by the Moorabool Shire Council.

Donna has been recognised for her tireless work with native animals over a 17 year period, and later, with BADGAR, an animal rescue organisation that she founded 7 years ago. BADGAR looks after sick or injured native wildlife until they are well enough to be released into the wild. Part of their work is responding to calls to assist injured wildlife on roadsides and checking for their young. Donna dedicates her time, and her home to nursing wildlife back to health/raising orphans before releasing them back into the wild.  Donna’s passion drives her to educating others about the care and treatment for injured wildlife.

Donna is a well known and respected member of the Greendale Community as a Lieutenant of the Greendale Fire Brigade, alongside her son, Damien, who is currently Captain of the Brigade. Donna is an active participant in many CFA activities as well as Department of Environment, Land, Water & Planning (DELWP) fuel reduction burns in the Wombat State Forest. 

Donna’s knowledge of native wildlife is vital in the recovery of animals following fires, including most recently the Grampians Fire 2014.  You will know Donna and her group’s handiwork as you drive along roads and see native animals with an X marked on them.  This indicates that the animal has been checked by a wildlife volunteer for life and off-spring and, if necessary euthanized humanely.

“Volunteers are what make us a great community, a caring community and a very good place to live”.  “I am privileged to be a member and part of an amazing group of volunteers in the Greendale Rural Fire Brigade and Support Group”.  Volunteers are the heart and soul of our community and I am proud to be one of the many volunteers in our Shire” Donna said. 

We, here at CFA West Region, are very proud of Donna, and congratulate her on this well-earned achievement and commend her for her ongoing commitment to our community.

Last Updated: 10 June 2015