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Out and about with ACO Cook

  • At the site for the new Silvan Fire Station
  • At the site for the new Silvan Fire Station
  • At Wesburn-Millgrove Fire Station (left to right) Operations Officer David Renkin, Second Lieutenant Michael Belling, Third Lieutenant Tony Lewis, Captain Adam Pelling, DCO Garry Cook and brigade President Brian Halit
  • Architect’s drawing of the new Wesburn-Millgrove Fire Station and community refuge

By: Duncan Russell

Category: Vehicles / Equipment / Buildings

  11.52 AM 19 November, 2014

Location: District 13 News

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In early November, Garry Cook, Assistant Chief Officer North East Region, took a trip in District 13 to discuss two new fire stations with local brigade members.

By Keith Pakenham

At the site of the Silvan Fire Station, Garry met with a number of brigade officers who are excited about watching their new station rise from the concrete slab.

“They are currently in some makeshift facilities which have worked out very well for them, but they are looking forward to getting into the new station,” said Garry. “There have been a couple of minor delays but it should progress very quickly and they will be in there by the middle of next year.

“It’s a three-bay station that will allow all the vehicles to be housed in one location complete with a meeting/training room and kitchen facility.”

Garry then visited the site of the Wesburn-Millgrove Fire Station where construction hasn’t yet started.

“It will be quite unique for the area as it will be a community refuge as well as a new station built on the existing site,” said Garry. “The aspect of the engine bay will swing around 90 degrees and face the roadway. The brigade is still in the old building while the final plans and details are being completed. It’s very exciting for the community.

“It’s also great that the brigade is so supportive about the concept of being involved with a refuge for the general public and it will be the first in North East Region.”


Photos by Keith Pakenham

Last Updated: 19 November 2014