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P2016 fire stations progress update

  • Ocean Grove Fire station following latest modifications
  • Architects impression of the new Rowville fire station
  • Ocean Grove fire station with new modifications
  • Architects image of new Rowville fire station

By: Darren Grevis-James

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  1.03 PM 13 March, 2013

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Construction is now completed on major modifications to the Ocean Grove fire station near Geelong. The works funded by Project 2016 upgrades the facility to an integrated fire station. The Ocean Grove fire station in Shell Road now has six bedrooms and new extensions to the utility-turnout area.

Modifications to the Ocean Grove fire station were built by local Geelong firm, MFA Group.

Meanwhile, east of Melbourne, the first sod of ground has been turned to mark the beginning of the construction of CFA’s new Rowville integrated fire station.

 The Rowville fire station is funded by Project 2016. The government funded program includes the building and modification of ten fire stations and the creation of an additional 342 CFA career firefighter and officer positions. Rowville will become the 32nd CFA integrated fire station.

Construction of the new Rowville integrated fire station will begin in shortly following the letting of a contract to Clayton South builder - Dura Constructions Pty Ltd.

The fire station will be built on a 6000 square metre site on the corner of Wellington Road and Le John Street, Rowville.

 It will have the capacity to accommodate up to 6 staff per shift; a 4 bay drive through motor room; a meeting room;  a dayroom area;  brigade offices ancillary support spaces; training yard, and car park areas.

 The new station will replace the current Rowville fire station which located in Taylors Lane.

 Rowville fire brigade has also welcomed the addition of three career firefighters who have started working on day shift supporting the brigades 55 operational volunteers. It’s the first time that career firefighters have worked at the Rowville fire brigade.

 Rowville brigade responds to around 300 incidents a year and services a local population of about 35 thousand residents.

 The Rowville and Ocean Grove fire station works are part of Project 2016, which includes the creation of 342 additional career fire fighter and officer positions in CFA.

Last Updated: 15 March 2013