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Paramedics and fireys - a good mix

  • Joint training with paramedics
  • Joint training with paramedics
  • Joint training with paramedics
  • Joint training with paramedics
  • Joint training with paramedics
  • Joint training with paramedics

By: Josh Gamble

Category: Partnerships, Training & Recruitment

  4.14 PM 22 August, 2014

Location: District 2 News

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This week, Kyneton Fire Brigade coordinated a joint training event with paramedics from Kyneton ambulance branch.

After attending many incidents together over the past years, it was decided it was time for a refresher on each other’s equipment and to meet the new staff from the branch.

Over the course of the evening, the brigade demonstrated fire extinguisher techniques which incorporated extinguishment of actual fire in the ‘flammable liquids tray’ and the ‘fire cage’. By utilising fire in a controlled environment and using protective clothing, we were able to demonstrate and mentor the ambulance crew in the use and application of water, foam, dry powder and carbon dioxide extinguishers.

A key to the session was the local paramedics showing the brigade how we could be of assistance to them by demonstrating locations of equipment in the ambulance and how to hold and manoeuvre equipment to best assist paramedics. The brigade was able to show off equipment such as breathing apparatus, thermal imaging camera and other fire fighting tools. Some paramedics tried on the BA with assistance from brigade members, in order to better understand the weight of our equipment and techniques we are required to use during operations.

ALS Paramedic Kate Parker said “Our second annual CFA/Ambulance training night proved to once again be a success for both emergency services. Kyneton paramedics appreciate the CFA allowing us to familiarise ourselves with their equipment and acknowledge the high level of professionalism and dedication of the volunteers of the CFA. Emergency services often need to work in conjunction with each other in stressful situations so it is essential to have a healthy relationship in order to be able to work together effectively.”

Lt Gareth McIntyre said “It was great to have the local paramedics attend our station. We were able to learn how best to work with them when required to assist with lifting patients or in other emergency situations. In the future we’re looking at getting Police, CFA, VICSES and AV together for another training exercise to help us understand each other’s capabilities”.

Thanks must be given to the local teams at the Kyneton ambulance branch for coming up in their spare time.

A great night was had by all.

Last Updated: 22 August 2014