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Pat inspires women in rural Victoria

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  6.24 PM 15 October, 2017

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As a farmer in rural Victoria and a CFA volunteer, Pat Bigham has been caring for the land and helping others for a number of years which is what International Day of Rural Women is all about.

International Day of Rural Women is on the 15 October and recognises women who work, protect and heal the land.

As part of the International Day of Rural celebrations Pat’s CFA gear including her helmet, lanyard and goggles will be on display at Melbourne Museum as part of their ‘Women of the Land’ installation.

Women Museums Victoria, Her Place Women’s Museum Australia & Invisible Farmer is hosting an installation which acknowledges prominent Victorian women who share a connection to the land.

Pat is humbled by this recognition and planned to visit the exhibition with her daughters this past Friday (13 October).

“I’m really pleased that women in farming are being recognised. It’s definitely put a smile on my cheeks,” she said

“It’s not only a huge honour for me, but it’s a huge honour for CFA to be represented.

Pat is a current member of the Gruyere Fire Brigade and one of the first female volunteer’s in her district.

Pat’s career with CFA has seen many successes and awards including a place on the 2017 Victorian Honour Roll of Women, CFA Life Membership and in 2008 Pat was awarded the Australian Fire Service Medal for outstanding service to her community.

“It’s brilliant to have CFA women be recognised for their successes.

“It’s great that young women are giving things a go and making change.

“My advice to women in rural communities is to do what you want to do, you have nothing to prove.

“The fact that you’re having a go is the achievement.”

For more information on the installation which runs from 13 October to the 26 November visit

Last Updated: 16 October 2017