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Paul, a CFA legend

  • Paul King AFSM

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  10.09 AM 26 January, 2017

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The CFA culture has been deeply embedded in Paul King’s life from a young age and he has certainly come a long way since joining the Wodonga Fire Brigade in 1979 as a junior member.

“I can vividly remember hearing the Wodonga Station siren from my high school. I would sprint there from footy training to get on the first truck out the door,” said Paul.

“I would be out of breath by the time I got there but I didn’t care; I loved it then, and I still love it now.”

As well as his regular day job of District 24 Operations Manager Paul is an accredited Level 3 Incident Controller. He has displayed exceptional incident management skills during several major fire events, including 2009 Black Saturday fires and most recently, the Indigo Valley fire in 2016.

Paul’s established reputation is one that is held with an extremely high regard not only in his District but across the whole state.

His dedication to fire services doesn’t stop where the Victorian borders do. He has also been a key player in the development and refinement of cross border relationships between agencies and communities in Victoria and New South Wales.

“People here are border-blind,” said Paul. “District 24 Operations has a very close relationship with our buddies across the river. We all know we’ll see a friendly face at any cross-border operation. Our NSW neighbours know that they can always rely on us and the feeling is mutual.”

As Operations Manager District 24, Paul has also had a profound impact on the development and implementation of planning, procedures, standards, training and protocols within the alpine structural fire environment at the two largest Alpine Resorts in Victoria, namely Falls Creek and Mt Hotham.

Paul was stunned and humbled when he received a letter about the AFSM.

“If someone thinks the contribution I’ve made has made me worthy then I am humbled,” he said.

“There are a lot of people at CFA doing amazing things, so for me to be picked out for such a prestigious honour, that is really special.”

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Last Updated: 23 March 2017