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Pause before you post

By: Sam Chhay

  11.00 AM 21 November, 2011

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A guide to responsible Tweeting and Face-booking

The development and use of web-based and mobile technologies turn communication into an exciting, interactive and instant dialogue. Through social media CFA has quickly built a network of core supporters and members who are able to share information, data and photos, promote and transact business, and debate and discuss issues in forums that matter to them.

Communicating online has never been more effective, powerful and far-reaching. It's also instant and very public. For example, in just a few taps and clicks I could ‘like' a photo of the Wyndham Vale Fire Brigade opening; or I could post a comment in response to Mick Bourke's Creating Our Future Together Blog (and hopefully make insightful and pertinent points that generate good discussion).

Alternatively I could post a grumpy response to a comment I disagree with; or make a hilarious (to me anyway) but borderline un-PC comment in response to a colleagues photo I see on the NWMR Facebook page. Click-tap-click and there it is... up for the world to see.

What we tend to forget and underestimate - as we tap away behind the supposed anonymity of our computer screens and the virtual world - is that using social media comes with power and responsibilities.

My proposition today is actually quite simple: pause (and think) before you post.

Before you click your mouse or press enter, think about the repercussions and consequences of what you are about to post. Ask yourself: could my post potentially upset CFA members or others in the community? Could it potentially hurt me, my brigade or work colleagues? Does the post comply with CFA values?

Social media can be an exciting, effective and powerful tool when used for the forces of good.

Try it today. Pause before you post.

Last Updated: 10 December 2015