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Pause for a cause this February

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  11.58 AM 6 January, 2016

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Weight loss. Financial gain. Better sleep. More energy. Improved concentration…

No, it’s not the stuff of a late night infomercial. These are just some of the benefits CFA members could enjoy by swearing off alcohol or sugar during February.

This year, for the first time, CFA is supporting FebFast, an initiative involving participants giving up alcohol or sugar for the month. And the health and lifestyle benefits aside, it’s all for a great cause – raising money for Youth Support and Advocacy Service (YSAS) which supports young people experiencing serious disadvantage.

CFA is showing its support by registering a team from each region and one from Burwood headquarters.

CFA Chief Executive Officer Lucinda Nolan, who serves on the YSAS Board, is a seasoned FebFaster. Last February she gave up alcohol, and this year it’s sugar.

“I know how much CFA people love a challenge, especially when it supports a great cause. It’s actually a really fun month and a great bonding experience for teams,” Lucinda said.

Get on board by registering to join your local team. To sign up:

  1.     Head to the website ( and select ‘Register Now’
  2.     Select ‘Register’ (to the left of the page, immediately above ‘log in here’)
  3.     Choose whether you want to go sugar- or alcohol-free for the month
  4.     Select ‘Join a team’, and choose your registration type (this a tax deductible donation to the FebFast cause)
  5.     Search for the team name ‘CFA’, select the team you’d like to join and click next. There’s a CFA team for each region and for headquarters
  6.     Fill in your personal contact details and choose a user name and password
  7.     Complete your payment information.

To learn more about the benefits of participating in FebFast and the work of YSAS,
go to and

Last Updated: 06 January 2016