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People and Culture in the field

By: Ross Barker

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  2.59 PM 30 March, 2017

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Late last year the CFA People & Culture Directorate introduced five Human Resource Business Partners (HRBPs), one for each region, to improve access to assistance for CFA staff and volunteers in regional areas.

The HRBP team of Bev Nixon (NE); John Ruyg (W); Karen Polson (SE);Kristy Lazic (SW); and Evan Townsend (NW) have travelled extensively throughout their regions getting to know the relevant issues and building relationships.

CFA Human Resources Manager Mario Marii said the appointment of HRBPs was in response to feedback from managers and staff throughout the state.

“The team has come together seamlessly with an excellent combination and variety of HR backgrounds that has complemented and supported one another and the issues as they arise,” Mario said.

“Stage 1 of the HRBP model is designed to provide support on the ground while we collate information on the effectiveness of the model and how we can improve service delivery.” 

More recently, the temporary appointment of Denise Dellas has strengthened the HRBP team. Denise will be providing HRBP support to the corporate directorates.

“As with all new initiatives, we will review and refine.

“We’ve already had common themes raised in terms of the support requested and we’ll assess the feedback for the value of introducing consistent and transparent statewide initiatives across CFA.”

The HRBPs can assist in a variety of ways including direct involvement and support or by being able to direct individuals to the relevant P&C department.

“The HRBPs have not replaced any of the existing P&C functions, so queries that were previously directed to HR Shared Services, that might relate to pay, MSS or PDs for example, should still be directed there,” Mario said.

“Importantly, the relationship between the Wellbeing Adviser in the region and the HRBP is crucial and may not be readily clear to staff.

“Issues can evolve from one area of P&C to another so we are working hard on developing clear lines of communication and some system improvements to provide consistency and transparency.

“Staff should not be reluctant to ask the question of the HRBP as to where their issue is best addressed.

“This will also assist us in improving our service in the future.”

Peter O’Keefe, ACO West Region, said the introduction of HRBPs to the field was a great initiative and demonstrated that People and Culture is prepared to listen, consider and take action.

“Our most important asset is our people and we need to dedicate the right level of resources to them. The resources to support our people are now located where they should be,” Peter said.

Stage 1 will conclude at the end of June. Should you wish to provide feedback please feel free to email or call Mario Marii or directly to the HRBP in your region.

Last Updated: 31 March 2017