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Peter Bishop - AFSM

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  9.32 AM 26 January, 2016

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When 69-year Mildura Fire Brigade veteran Peter Bishop found out he was being awarded the Australian Fire Services Medal, he told his wife Lyn, “This is our award.

“She had a tear in her eye, like me.”

There’s no denying Peter’s exceptional volunteer service to CFA and his wife’s outstanding support. The figures tell the story.

Peter has been a senior volunteer officer for 38 years. He served 10 years on the CFA Board and was an executive member of the Victorian Urban Fire Brigades' Association (VUFBA) for over 26 years. He also twice served as president of the Association and has been a Juniors leader and coach for 12 years. He has been involved with the championships since 1962 and was a committee member of the VUFBA welfare fund for 23 years. Peter has also been on the organising committee of the CFA Charity Golf Day for over 35 years, with all funds raised going to people living with disabilities in Mildura.

“I kept a record of my travels for CFA,” says Peter. “In hours, I was away from home for three and a half years. I’ve gone around the world 22 times – it comes to 905,000 kilometres – and flew to Melbourne and back 1065 times.”


Before Peter stepped down as an operational member, he had turned out to 2500 incidents. He was also heavily involved in the design and testing of structural PPC, describing himself as a “guinea pig” who trialled eight different ensembles.

There has been a Bishop in Mildura Fire Brigade since 1911 with Lyn and Peter’s two grandsons now the fifth generation.

“There are a number of keen and enthusiastic volunteers who turn out with the staff,” says Peter, “so when I stepped down as first lieutenant, I also made the decision to step back and give them plenty of room.

“I still go to training every Thursday night and enjoy the camaraderie with other people of my vintage – we like to get together and catch up.”

Peter is a retired builder. He and Lyn are both now enjoying sharing the kilometres and are off for their third caravan trip around Australia this May. All of Peter’s CFA travels led to the formation of many wonderful friendships which the couple continue via caravanning.

Happy travels, Peter and Lyn.

Last Updated: 27 January 2016