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Phillip Island CFA Commendation

  • Pictured is Lieutenant Lino Drazi, Lieutenant Rod Barford, Chief Officer Euan Ferguson and Captain Gary Grace

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  4.24 PM 23 January, 2015

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Three Phillip Island CFA members have been presented with the Chief Officers Commendation in recognition of the courage shown by them at a house fire in Cowes.

Chief Officer Euan Ferguson, in presenting the Commendation at the brigade's annual dinner, described the actions of the three members as courageous and worthy of the rare and high award.

In May, brigade Captain Gary Grace and Lieutenants Lino Drazi and Rod Barford responded to a house fire. On arrival the house was well alight and neighbours indicated there was an occupant inside.

Wearing breathing apparatus, Rod and Lino attempted to enter the house through the front door, just as the roof was falling in.

Captain Grace managed to pull them out just in time. The volunteer firefighters then raced to the back of the house and after entering were hit by falling debris.

Captain Grace was able to drag both members out as the roof was collapsing.

Desperate to find the occupant, Rod and Lino used a ladder to break a bedroom window and located the home owner.

They then used the ladder as a makeshift stretcher and passed the occupant through to waiting fire and ambulance crews as the entire roof collapsed.

Fire crews and ambulance officers revived the elderly man, and he was transferred to Melbourne via helicopter.

Congratulations to these deserving members and the recognition of their courageous efforts.

Last Updated: 27 January 2015