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Pilots are taking off

By: Therese Morris

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  11.47 AM 6 February, 2014

Location: General

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The Brigade Sustainability and Wellbeing Pilots are underway. There will be 31 additional people coming on board to assist brigades to improve brigade sustainability and growth. 

Lex de Man, CFA’s Executive Director of Operational Training and Volunteerism (OT&V) said “We are very proud of these initiatives, which are funded by the Volunteer Support Program supported by OT&V”.

The Brigade Sustainability Pilot will be led by Fire & Emergency Management and will work with catchment teams to directly support brigades. This will include support to brigades requesting
assistance with the new Membership Classification. Of the 21 people this pilot is about to employ, 20 will be assigned to the field.

The Wellbeing Pilot is being led by People & Culture and will have a team of 10 who will also work with catchment teams and brigades to offer education and support in relation to psychological health and safety and relationship issues, including bullying, harassment and victimisation. The aim is to support brigades to maintain a safe and supportive environment.

“The development of these pilots has been made possible through the collaborative effort of Operational Training &Volunteerism, Fire &Emergency Management, and People and Culture,” Lex

“We’re excited that the advertising of positions has commenced with the five Brigade Sustainability Team leaders and Wellbeing positions. The additional team members for Brigade Sustainability
will be advertised within the coming fortnight,” Lex said.  “It’s important to note that these new
positions are not replacing any existing roles, but are additional resources”.  

He said these pilots will help inform the ongoing operating model to ensure the long term viability and growth of brigades into the future.

For further information regarding the Brigade Sustainability Pilot contact Ali Martin from Fire & Emergency Management and for the Wellbeing Pilot, contact Michelle Taylor from People
& Culture.

Last Updated: 06 February 2014