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Planned burn resource coordinators

  • CFA Planned Burn Resource Coordinator Laurie Steel and CFA Vegetation Management Officer Sharon Merritt discuss resourcing and community engagement needs for proposed planned burns in in the Dandenong Ranges in CFA District 13 with DELWP and Parks Vic sta

The CFA Planned Burning Project has once again recruited four seasonal planned burn resource coordinators (PBRCs) for the upcoming season.

These positions are for eight months comprising four days a week commitment and are strategically located in Victoria’s three highest bushfire risk landscapes - East Central, West Central and Barwon Otway.

Laurie Steel PBRC for District 13 hit the ground running this week with on site meetings with DELWP and Parks Victoria to discuss what’s needed for joint planned burns in the Dandenong Ranges.

Mitchell Emmett is based at CFA Seymour and will coordinate CFA resources for CFA and inter-agency planned burns across District 12/DELWP Murrindindi District. 

Sally White is based at Colac and will coordinate resources across the Barwon Otway’s bushfire risk landscape in CFA Districts 6 and 7.

Kay Richardson will begin shortly based at Ballarat and will coordinate resources for planned burns across the West Central bushfire risk landscape in CFA Districts 2, 14 and 15.

Project Manager for the Planned Burning Project Terry Ouroumis said, “The PBRCs play a valuable role in streamlining linkages and coordinating resource requests between DELWP and CFA and other agencies to achieve effective cross tenure risk-based planned burning. They provide valuable support to CFA’s Vegetation Management Team and the vegetation management officers including the capture of member skills and training.”

Last Updated: 23 March 2017