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Planned burning capacity increases in Gippsland

  • VMO John Crane and HVP Genral manager Simon Gatt facilitate group discussions
  • Workshop attendees

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  3.37 PM 5 March, 2015

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The capacity to undertake planned burning in Gippsland is continuing to grow thanks to a local partnership between CFA and HVP Plantations.

Local CFA VMO John Crane and plantation company HVP have been developing a strategy to increase the planning and operational capacity of HVP in its Planned Burning function.

The project identifies short, medium and long term goals for HVP in the Planned Burning field that will in time significantly increase the organisations capacity and activity in planned burning.

“HVP is a significant land manager in Gippsland. Managing 130,000 ha of land including 50,000 of native vegetation the commitment from HVP to grow its skills and capacity in planned burning will be a great benefit to the Fire and Emergency Management industry and to the community,” Mr Crane said.

The project has evolved from some strategic planning meetings between CFA and HVP to the delivery of two planned burning workshops for HVP staff.

The workshops were developed to introduce HVP staff and contractors to planned burning skills such as fuel load assessments, complexity assessments, ignition and control considerations.

“Traditionally HVP have undertaken forest harvesting related burns such as windrow and slash burns. Introducing these workers to native vegetation broad acre planned burning requires a level of preparation and development.

We are extremely impressed with the level of commitment from HVP and the enthusiasm, understanding and skills that HVP staff will bring to the CFA planned burning program in Gippsland,” Mr Crane added.

“We are aiming to complete four larger planned burns within the HVP estate this Autumn with HVP personnel participating in a series of other CFA planned burns in and around local communities. Overall this is a fantastic outcome.

"The community will benefit greatly from increased bushfire prevention efforts across the landscape. With increased planned burning skills and capacity HVP will be better equipped to protect not only their company assets, but also better protect an industry that significantly contributes to the local community and economy,”  Mr Crane concluded.

Last Updated: 05 March 2015