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Planned burning professional development day

  • Photos: CFA Tony Brady
  • CFA Professional development day attendees with Melbourne meteorologist and weather presenter Jane Bunn.

A vegetation management and planned burning professional development day for CFA West Region operational staff was held recently in Ballarat.

Attendees included Operation Managers (OM) and Operations Officers, fire station staff, West Region Regional OM and planned burning and vegetation management staff.

The day was specifically aimed at providing operational staff with the opportunity to refresh some of their existing knowledge around planned burning and to ensure a consistent approach when considering the ignition approval of a planned burn.

The day included sessions around several topics such as the ignition approval process, burn plan development, fire behaviour and different fuel types, future planned burning initiatives and the Safer Together program. The day also included some practical field studies around the Complexity Rating system. Of interest was a session on fire weather by Melbourne meteorologist and weather presenter Jane Bunn.  Jane gave a very interesting and knowledgeable talk on the influences of weather on planned burning.

Feedback from participants indicated a very successful day and raised several points for future discussion. Operational staff from CFA West Region are now well positioned to assist volunteers in matters relating to planned burning.

Last Updated: 20 June 2017