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Poolaijelo's first female Captain

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  11.45 AM 30 June, 2014

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Poolaijelo Brigade welcomes its first female Captain this week as Mary Frost takes the reins from her husband Ken who has been in the top job for more than eight years.

Mary has been the Second Lieutenant for a few years and says a lot of the senior members of her Brigade have already had a go at being Captain so it’s time for some fresh blood.

“We need someone who can go on the truck and make quick decisions – and I thought I could do it."

Mary is passionate about seeing the younger generation getting involved with CFA.

“It’s important that the young ones coming up now bring their wives with them.”

She also says that traditionally during the fire season men are off working, usually out of the district, and the women are left at home on the farms, so they need to be able to fight the fires if necessary.

"We need to have more women on the frontline fighting the fires, or being radio operators in the truck."

Mary’s small rural town faces a significant fire risk each year as fire season rolls around.

“I’d rather be at the fire ground than sitting around at home wondering what’s going on.”

“I don’t mind being the token female on the truck.”

Mary hopes she can be a role model for women who are thinking about joining CFA.

I know in my own Brigade we have quite a few female members that saw me going out on the truck and it helped break down some of those barriers and stereotypes, they thought “Mary’s doing it so, I can too.”

Last Updated: 01 July 2014