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Porcupine Ridge Porsche

  • Chief Officer Euan Ferguson with the brigade's Jody Russell, and Max Ford
  • The Chief officially launches the new toilet and Kitchen at the Porcupine Ridge fire station
  • The Porsche Car Club lines up near the Porcupine Ridge fire station

By: Darren Grevis-James

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  12.05 PM 16 November, 2012

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The addition of a humble toilet and new kitchen has been the catalyst for a clever fundraising event at Porcupine Ridge fire station.

Set amid the rolling hills near Daylesford, Porcupine Ridge is a bit off the usual well-worn route for tourists who visit the famed spa country in Central Victoria. But that all changed for the fire brigade recently when the station’s toilet was given a good working over by a group of Porsche enthusiasts on a day trip from Melbourne. 

Only a few weeks after the official first flush of the new toilet, the brigade was given the opportunity to do a bit of fundraising by hosting a morning tea for the Porsche car club that was touring the district. 

The brigade’s First Lieutenant Rob Hands says it was quite a sight to see our rural road, that normally sees just a few utes and 4WDs, jam-packed with Porsches stopping at the station for refreshments. “As it turned out, accessing the toilet was the first priority for just about all the visitors.” 

Rob reckons about 40 shiny Porsche sports cars turned up at the fire station. “There was good feedback from the club members who appreciated the brigade’s morning tea and use of the station’s facilities. It’s safe to say that without having the new toilet and kitchen, the brigade wouldn’t have been able to be involved with a fundraising event like this,” Rob says. 

$500 was raised and funds will go towards the future purchase of a new ultralight.

The installation of a kitchen and toilet began following a conversation between a brigade member and the Chief Officer on ABC’s Statewide Drive program with Kathy Bedford. A Porcupine Ridge brigade member queried the Chief about the need for a toilet at the station.

The brigade was then successful in the latest round of the Volunteer Emergency Service Equipment Program (VESEP) with their application for funding to install a kitchen at the station. This upgrade, along with the toilet, makes it a more attractive prospect both for potential new members and for the community in general.

The fire station is just about the only structure at Porcupine Ridge and improving the station’s facilities makes a huge difference to the brigade and the community. 

In September this year, Chief Officer Euan Ferguson attended a service award ceremony at the Porcupine Ridge fire station and declared the kitchen and toilet officially ‘operational’. He also was on hand to present several service awards and a National Medal.

The Porcupine Ridge fire brigade was established in 1938 and the current station is the original building.  The brigade has about 23 members and averages about 10 incidents each year.

Last Updated: 16 November 2012