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Portland video aims to attract more staff

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  10.51 AM 24 July, 2017

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Our career firefighters who are looking for a tree or sea change can get the best of both worlds if they transfer to little-known Portland Fire Station.  

A new video initiated by District 4 and developed by the Growth Programs, aims to attract more career firefighters to the area to staff the station around the clock.

The video showcases the unique firefighting experience offered while on station and relaxed lifestyle on offer outside of work in Portland.

Watch the video below:


Portland currently has four career firefighters rostered on day shift Monday to Friday, however the growing community requires the station to be staffed 24/7 and it has been difficult to fill the 16 remaining positions. Roles range from firefighter to station officer.  

District 4 Operations Manager Peter Novotny believed staffing difficulties may exist because of the limited knowledge career firefighters have about the area.

“The promotional video shows off the relaxed, outdoor lifestyle many residents in Portland enjoy, while highlighting the range of infrastructure career and volunteer firefighters work together to protect in the area,” Peter said.

“We will share the video in a range of forums including during information sessions about transfer opportunities, email communications about transfers and via CFA Members.”

Increasing capacity at Portland has formed part of the Growth Programs’ Project 2016 – a Victorian Government commitment, which saw the recruitment of 342 career firefighters, deployment of the same number of existing staff and delivery of six new integrated stations.

The Fire Station Transfer Procedure provides the opportunity for Firefighters and Leading Firefighters to transfer into a Firefighter or Leading Firefighter long-term vacancy for two years.

At the end of the two-year period, those who have transferred into one of these vacancies will be eligible to choose two transfer lists and be placed at the top. For further detail on this, please refer to the Fire Station Transfer Procedureavailable on the CFA intranet.

Career firefighters who are interested in finding out more about opportunities at Portland can call the station on 03 5523 6666 to discuss.  

Last Updated: 24 July 2017