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Post Season Review, Fire Awareness Awards, Mental Health, Volunteer Survey

By: Euan Ferguson

  11.00 AM 14 July, 2014

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13/14 Post Season Operations Review

The State Review Team representing the Fire Services Commissioner, CFA, DEPI, MFB, Victoria Police and VICSES have completed the review of 2013/14 fire season through a range of debriefing and observation collection activities designed to capture observations from people operating at every level of fire. In addition more than 1,200 individual observations from agency personnel were collected. The 2013/14 Post Season Operations Review Report, represents the collaborative assessment of the sector's operations during the season to capture key learnings for implementation before the next season. The report is accessible from the EMV website

The themes identified from the review will be incorporated into pre-season briefings for 2014/15, emergency management exercising programs, the new edition of the Victorian Bushfire Handbook and the 2014-15 pre-season update. Key elements of the pre 2014-15 season briefing will be on improved performance in evacuation, Traffic Management Points, transfer of control and resourcing. Victoria Police is leading a multi-agency review of evacuation arrangements following Victoria's first Recommendation to Evacuate. The review outcomes will also influence policy in aviation services, warnings and information, predictive services and information sharing. The Chief Commissioner of Police has indicated that one of his Deputy Commissioners will review the feedback in relation to Traffic Management Points and implement changes to procedure and (if necessary) policy, before the onset of the next fire season.

2014 Fire Awareness Awards

Applications are open for the 2014 Fire Awareness Awards. Every year people across the state go above and beyond to develop fire safety programs, projects, products and designs that help keep the people of Victoria Safe. By holding the Fire Awareness Awards, Victoria's fire agencies and RACV are encouraging these Victorians to share their hard work and achievements. Applications are now open and close on 30 September. For more information about the 2014 Fire Awareness Awards or to apply, visit or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Managing Your Mental Health

I recently recorded two videos as part of a new Managing Mental Health video series aimed at raising awareness of mental health issues and how to maintain good mental health. In the videos, I talk about a three-step process for managing your mental health by:


  1. Understanding your mental health risks; 
  2. Recognising the warning signs that your mental health may be suffering; and
  3. aking action to address the issue.


You can view the videos here CFA has a range of support services to help members manage mental health risks and deal with issues early. Information is available on CFA Online under Mental Health or go to

CFA Volunteer Survey

CFA is characterised by a passion for helping others and a ‘can-do' attitude that reflects our long and proud history. Like any organisation, there are also ways we could go about doing things better when it comes to culture.

It was recognised from feedback we received from those volunteers who participated in the OCI (Organisational Culture Inventory) survey in 2012 that we should design a separate survey for volunteers so that we can understand the specific factors that are important to you. The recent VAGO report and the Jones Inquiry also noted the requirement for CFA to develop an increased understanding of our volunteer workforce needs, and opinions.

This is an opportunity for our volunteer members to tell CFA who you are, what attracts and keeps you in CFA, your experience at your brigade, and your view of CFA as a whole. The survey is open until Monday 21 July 2014. Start the survey.

"I've never done anything solo, except take tests." - Bill Gates (Working Together 2010)

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