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Predicting bushfire preparedness

By: Bushfire and Natural Hazards CRC

Category: Community Safety, Planning & Research

  1.31 PM 8 May, 2013

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Fire agencies are seeking to understand if and how individuals and households prepare for a bushfire.

They need to know if individuals and households prepare in different respects (defending, leaving early) to an equal extent, and the factors that influence bushfire preparedness.

The Bushfire CRC’s Fire Note108, Predicting bushfire preparedness from bushfire expectations, outlines community preparedness research conducted into the bushfires in the Perth Hills in February 2011. The Fire Note examines the link between several potential predictors of why residents prepare for a bushfire and different types of bushfire preparedness activities (defending, leaving early, general resilience of the house and psychological planning).

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Fire Notes are research summaries in easy to understand language from the Bushfire CRC, which is conducting research into the social, environmental and economic impacts of bushfires.

Last Updated: 13 May 2013