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Private burn gets out in the wind

By: Noel McWilliams

Category: Incidents - Bushfire

  11.21 AM 20 October, 2014

Location: District 9 News, District 10 News

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A windy afternoon and smoke near the plantations in Moirs Rd had Trafalgar, Moe and Thorpdale brigades on the road.

As Trafalgar brigade Captain Danny Mynard turned on to the road he could see the smoke heading up the hill towards the plantation.

It took a while for trucks to find the best access into the fire and once there they jumped on the spot outside the private property and heading towards the plantations. Getting around the fire in the heavy scrub was a problem, as was access to the east flank, so hand crews set to work where the trucks were struggling and slip-ons and light tankers were called to get into the gully.

The winds were gusting and more tankers were called in as well as a call to HVP and DEPI to get a some equipment in to help with access in the gully, break up the heaps and knock down a stag in the south edge of the fire. 

The crews slowly got on top of the fire and started on the hard work of blacking out in the scrub, the DEPI D4 and slip on from Erica arrived around 6.30pm and set to work creating a break around the estimated 4ha fire. The thermal imaging camera from Morwell was used to help identify the hotspots and help speed up the blacking out process and shortly before dark the Longwarry catering crew arrived and set up for a meal.

Danny Mynard praised the efforts of the initial crews who managed to contain the fire, some using rake hoes and knapsacks  to get into the gully and put a bit of a break around the edge, he said they were pretty stuffed by the time they finished but did good work when it was needed.

As things became a bit quieter he started to release some of the tankers and thanked the brigades who had responded.

There were units from Willowgrove, Wesbury, Morwell, Warragul, Yarragon, Yallourn North, Newborough, Nilma North and Erica who supported the initial units from Moe, Trafalgar and Thorpdale. HVP had a tanker and slip-on onscene and were returning to check on the area on Monday morning and DEPI who had a crew on standby sent the D4 and slipon from their Erica depot, Longwarry catering were much appreciated for their work in providing dinner and drinks from their unit so that around 8.30pm trucks were heading home.

Last Updated: 20 October 2014