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Pub fire provides ultimate training

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By: Greg McIntyre

Category: Incidents - Structure, Training & Recruitment

  4.13 PM 29 May, 2013

Location: District 2 News

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Kyneton Fire Brigade works hard to integrate training with operations as the way business is done, but is this going too far?

The brigade has a history of operational incidents occurring before, during and after training sessions. In recent years weekly training has been disrupted on several occasions by various Hazardous Materials, structure and non-structure responses.

This week however the trend may have reached a new peak. Brigade veteran Ex-Captain Roger Walker suggested recently that it was time to talk about chimney fires while older members were still available to pass on experience and knowledge learned in a time when such fires occurred more frequently than they do today. Roger was accordingly assigned to lead a discussion on the subject. On Monday 28th May, with the training completed and a pre-operational checklist for chimney fires in hand, the brigade was dismissed for the night. Within minutes two young recruit members walking home rushed back to report a chimney fire at the nearby Shamrock Hotel almost simultaneously with a pager "Alert" message being received.

A rapid response ensued involving Kyneton Pumper, Tanker and FCV with support of tankers from neighbours Tylden and Carlsruhe. Kyneton Group Thermal Imaging Camera was put to use checking for fire extension. An early call was made by Incident Controller FF Chris James for Bendigo Ladder Platform which was ideally suited for final suppression of fire and inspection of the chimney. In due course all was declared safe, a popular local venue was back to business and members were able to continue on their various ways home.

A brief after action review revealed that the recently prepared 'checklist' was followed fairly well during the management of the incident.

Brigade Training Officer Greg McIntyre said "I may need to be more careful what training we organise in the future in case we get the blame for inciting further incidents! We like seeing members apply lessons learned in training, but don't usually expect such rapid implementation."

Kyneton Captain Brett Magrath commented, "The crews worked well together and the only damage to the Pub was a small amount of water on the carpet in front of the fire place caused by well meaning patrons in their relay of water jugs from the bar sink to the fire." He added, "Whether it was coincidental or by an improbable fate somehow inspired by the Ex Captain and/or Training Officer, this event definitely puts a new spin to training."

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Last Updated: 30 May 2013