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Trial of Emergency Alert System

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  9.32 PM 1 November, 2012

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Trials of Emergency Alert, the national telephone warning system are planned to occur in a number of Victorian municipalities on Sunday 4 November 2012.

The trials are an essential test prior to introducing the new SMS location-based capability that will be available to mobile telephone users on Telstra’s networks from December 2012.

All test messages will clearly indicate that it is a test only and no action or response is required.

It is crucial that communities do not call Triple Zero (000) (TTY 106) for information about the testing.

In the event that a real emergency arises, any telephone alert issued will clearly advise the nature of the emergency and action to be taken.

The telephone warning system is able to alert communities to emergencies in the following ways:

  • A recorded voice message to landline telephones
  • An SMS message to mobile phones, based on the service address
  • An SMS message to mobile phones on Telstra’s networks with a last known location in the warning area (from December 2012). This enhancement will also be available to mobile phones on Optus and Vodafone networks from November 2013.

A telephone alert is just one way emergency services organisations can warn a community and will not be used in all circumstances. People should be adequately prepared in the event of an emergency, continue to use a range of information sources and stay aware of local conditions. You should not wait to receive an alert before you act.

More information about Emergency Alert including FAQs about the trial available here:

Last Updated: 10 November 2012