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Puffy pillows big adventure in SA

  • 'Puffy' Pillow

By: Libby Symons

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  3.28 PM 23 January, 2015

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The quirky story of ‘Puffy’ the pillow’s big adventure to the fires in Adelaide - and home again!

Following a deployment of strike team personnel to the Sampson Flat/ Adelaide Hills fire on 3 January 2015, the District office received a phone call on 7 January from one of the returning crew members...

“I came home from Adelaide today and realised I’ve left my pillow behind...”

Jumping to action, district staff made a quick phone call to the motel the strike team had been staying with and confirmed that ‘Puffy’ the pillow had been found by housekeeping.  Now – how to get it back to Victoria in one piece...???

A relief crew from the same district had flown to Adelaide the previous night, and were bringing the vehicles home that day – had they left yet?  Could they pick up Puffy on their way? 

Another phonecall confirmed that the drivers were already an hour out of Adelaide, heading home, no chance of going back. What to do now?!

A message on facebook to a member of CFA’s SA liaison team – checking to see if they had left yet.  Could they pick up Puffy and bring him home? Could it work out that well?  A message back confirmed that the team were already at the airport heading home.  What next?  Was Puffy to stay in Adelaide forever?

Not giving up, another phone call to a member of the relief liaison crew still in Adelaide...‘we’re in a teleconference; we’ll have to call you back’.

A follow up email from the District to the liaison crew member, along with SCC Resources unit – Puffy still needs a lift home, can you help?!

A few more swift phone calls and finally, success!! The liaison crew were heading home the next day, and happy to pick up Puffy to bring him home!

After a lovely flight, Puffy made it back to Melbourne HQ. But now; how to get Puffy back to his owner? DX? Courier? Australia Post?

Another email to the friendly OM who escorted Puffy home – ‘I’ll find out how he was sent’.

Days go by, then a phone call from a neighbouring District – ‘we have a package- how can we get it to you?’

Another phone call to a staff member working in that District that day – had they left yet?  Could they bring Puffy home after a long trip away? 

YES!! Success!!

A final phone call in the morning to the owner of Puffy – ‘we have your pillow! When can you come and get it?’

‘I’ll be there this afternoon.’

So finally, after a big adventure of being deployed to Adelaide on strike team duties, being left behind, found, flown home, posted and couriered, Puffy and owner have been reunited - ready for the next call to arms this season!!

Many thanks to the many people involved who assisted in getting 'Puffy' back to his rightful owner. It goes to show how CFA members go above and beyond to help each other out!

Last Updated: 27 January 2015