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Pug life – an unlikely CFA rescue

  • Angus the Pug enjoying his ride in the operations car
  • Angus the pug feeling happy in the backseat after getting lots of pats

District 15 Operations Officer Malcolm Bruce proved that CFA does more than fight fires when he rescued Angus the pug from certain death as he ran along Burnbank Street in Ballarat yesterday afternoon (Monday 4 August).

Angus was easily coaxed into the car by the fellow Scotsman and he was taken to the district office where he was mobbed  by countless staff for pats and tummy rubs but, alas, no bagpipes.

The local ranger was called to scan him and luckily he was micro-chipped, so Malcolm was able to return him to his owners who were very grateful for his rescue and return.

Angus had a great ride in the operations car - he didn’t choose the pug life the pug life chose him.

(no pugs were harmed in this story)

Last Updated: 04 August 2015